Rest & Recovery

Rest and Recovery are both critical components of the successful training program to provide the body with the necessary time it needs to repair and lend toward your body’s ability to strengthen itself in between workouts. While properly recovering, the body can replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues; not doing so can lead to injuries.



The Theragun G2PRO harnesses the medical benefits of localized vibration therapy to treat muscular discomfort.

– Minimizes lactic acid
– Break down scars tissue
– Improved mobility and flexibility
– Accelerated muscle recovery



Air compression therapy  is designed to help relieve lower extremity swelling, knee problems, muscle tension, water retention, soreness and pain.

– Lactic acid and lymphatic flushing
– Reduces inflammation and water accumulation
– Improved circulation
– Accelerated recovery



Whole body vibration machine stimulates muscles to pump blood to the smallest capillaries of the body allowing the cells to receive fuel at an accelerated rate.
– Stress reduction
– Increase muscle relaxation and flexibility
– Activation circulation