TRX Live

Come experience the Steadfast energy that everyone is raving about.

Burn your maximal amount of calories during the “TRX LIVE” total body fitness class.

You will build strength, stamina, and transform physically and mentally by increasing your training levels with TRX suspension techniques, b-force aerobics, core stability, and polymetrics.

Come to a LiVE class and experience the Steadfast way.

Group Fitness

Learn the basics here in this developmental beginners fitness course.

This class will build your fitness foundation with a emphasis on core stability, resistance training and a cardiovascular endurance.

Learn your working heart rate and how to push yourself one step out your comfort zone all while having fun in a supportive group environment.

Box Fit

Experience training like the pros! Learn fundamental techniques and full punching combinations.

Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to a different form of HIT training.

Calisthenics, plyometric, and different variations of strength exercise will allow you to burn anywhere from 400 to 1000 calories.

Bring your own gloves or mitts and prepare for a high energetic atmosphere with energetic music and trainers.

Performance Camp

Everything you love about our Saturday boot camps but on another level. In this high intensity class we bring out all the toys, med balls, sleds, tires etc.

Strap up your tennis shoes and get ready for this advanced level class that is guaranteed to challenge you every time.

SAQ (Speed Agility & Quickness)

Speed, Agility & Quickness are the foundations to being a great athlete. In this class you will learn the biomechanical movements needed to maximize your performance.

Created by our professional and collegiate athletes your sure to receive the tricks of the trade from those who have been there and done it at the highest levels.

Power, fast twitch muscles and reaction time all come to the party here in this progressive program.

Our Class Pricing

Single Session
$25 Per month
1- Session Per Month
Starter Kit
$135 Per month
6 - Sessions Per Month
Get Moving
$180 Per month
9 - Sessions Per Month
All-Access Pass
$250 Per month
Unlimited Sessions Per Month All Classes
Friends & Family Unlimited
$400 Per month
Unlimited Sessions for the Month All Classes (2 people)