“Creating an engaging, positive and energetic environment from which a Steadfast dedication to health, fitness and performance will translate over into all aspects of life.”

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  • $ 70
  • Drop-in
    • Personalized assessment
    • One time 30 min consult with RD
  • $ 150
    One Month
  • Support
    • Personalized assessment and consult with RD
    • Basic meal plan according to client’s needs
    • Weekly 15 minutes follow up
  • $ 125
    month to month
  • Support Plus
  • Includes all services as support, plus:

    • Macronutrients and calories adjustment according to progress
    • Weekly 15 minutes follow up

      additional $50 per month per family member

  • $ 400
    4 month commitment
  • Steadfast
    • Personalized assessment and consult with RD
    • Macro and micronutrients personalized meal plan with tailored recipes
    • Weekly check in and monthly 30 min follow up
    • Body composition tracking
    • Free access to all workshops

A la carte services:

Pantry makeover, 1 hour. $130

The Pantry Makeover is a privately scheduled service with Silvia who will come to your home and help the clients navigate the food products they currently have in their home. At the end of the session, Silvia will give the clients a set of actionable recommendations to make sure they have a balanced stock of healthy food items for quick and nutritious meals.


Grocery Store Tour

90 minutes. Individual: $100, Groups of 2-5 people: $50 each


These tours are done in markets nearest to the client or dietitian. During the guided food tours the clients will learn how to spot ingredients, nutrients, and labeling markers that they should look for in order to avoid making purchasing decisions that may affect their nutritional goals. This hands-on approach to nutrition, serves individuals at the fundamental level of understanding what’s in their foods.


Nutrition Education Workshop

$30/session or $55/month (2 presentations).
Add a family member for an additional $10.

Opportunity to attend a nutrition education presentation twice/month at Steadfast. Clients will be able to ask questions and interact with the dietitian on topics of their choice that best fit their needs.


Youth Nutrition Education Workshop

(for kids/teenagers athletes and parents). $40/family

Kids and parents will have the chance to learn about nutrition. In particular how to fuel kids to meet their needs and keep them energized for practice, competition and create the basis for success for their athletic future.